Friday, October 14, 2011


all this week i have been on my computer nonstop. shocker, right? not so much. im perfectly happy by myself with nothing more than my laptop. it has everything-music, internet, word, games, videos, facebook, twitter, blogs, fun websites, google...i mean what else do you really need to be occupied? this past week i also reunited with polyvore. having used it before and forgotten my password and such, i made a new account and went to work. granted, i have only made a few sets but i love them and have been wanting to do them all week long (if only it wasnt for my art history test tomorrow!) either way, i love that you can create absolutely anything in your sets. art things, quote things, fashion things-whatever your little heart desires :)

(a little small...but if you follow me on polyvore-mybeautifulmind29-you can see them larger!)
my first one. i love the colors :) wish i had that outfit too...

love red shoes ;)


inspired by many breast cancer sets on my home page-made one myself :)

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