Monday, October 17, 2011

autumn weekends.

this past weekend was filled to the top with activities and planning. i decided (for numerous reasons) to push my pumpkin breakfast back to this upcoming saturday instead. since i decided that, i was able to go to my friend aly's state golf tournament with my dad. it was beautiful out and she did wonderful! i tried out the pumpkin spice latte recipe this weekend as well and it turned out perfect! (no need for starbucks anymore!) in addition to all the craziness i went shopping quite a lot. me and my mom hit up the local antique market and found a bunch of cool things but only came home with something for our living room wall, but it was very fun. i also went shopping to target and to the mall with maggie. i ended the weekend relaxing at home and getting in some last minute laundry and studying. hopefully this week is beautiful, fun and enjoyable :) happy monday! (enjoy the plenty of pictures im posting today...theres a ton!)
the 29 i got at hobby lobby to paint a design (of some sort) on

an anchor necklace for my friend jaclyn as a thank you for letting me and meghan visit her at univ. of iowa!

the moon neckalce i got! i had been wanting it all summer, it finally went on sale so i treated myself :)

fun vintage bikes at the market

awesome furniture (me and my mom loved the red one!)

a white one i would love to have in my if wasnt $500...

the cool wall art my mom got for the living room!

aly golfing!

she did SO good :)

the funny contrast in my two trees out front-this one, almost all the leaves fallen

the other...makes it look like its still summer!

so weird!

cute cupcakes my sister decorated

a great fall treat :) 

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