Tuesday, October 18, 2011

more sets.

feeling very uninspired lately about everything pertaining to life what do i turn to? ....polyvore. and of course, since today is "beauty" day and i had intended to repaint my nails for a post (but thanks to a psychology test today, my plans were altered...) a nail polish post will have to do instead along with a few other random sets. these simple little compilations of fun and pretty things can make my mood happier within seconds and put a bit of inspiration back in my little head :)
nail polish...pretty vibrant colors :)

i dont know the purpose of this set, but its cute!

a fashion one i created over the weekend. i had intended to create one "going out" outfit...and then i couldnt make a decision between the 3 dresses...so this is what happens!


a quote and graphics = greatness.

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