Wednesday, October 19, 2011

say cheese!

lately ive been doing a lot of thinking about "my" camera i want to get for my birthday/christmas. i have been wanting to upgrade by mediocre camera for as long as i can remember and during the summer i set my eyes on "the one". granted, i am no professional photographer...but that doesnt mean i dont want to be! depending on the college i go to, i will most likely minor in photography. i just love taking photos and often i will see something that i would love to take a picture of but i dont have the right camera to make it look good, my little camera just wont cut it. its kind of my latest "project" to convince my parents how much i want this camera and getting them on my side...good luck to me. : / 
this is a canon eos rebel t2i dslr. its in love! (18 megapixels? yes please!)
this is a 35mm lens. its good for full body shots (one of the 3 lenses i want)
the 100mm lens, good for up close shots and detail
the 16-35mm lens; a wide angle lens for landscapes
cant forget the camera bag :)

****i want to take pictures like these****

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