Tuesday, October 11, 2011

weekend overview

i cannot even stress just how crazy this past weekend was. it was so crazy that i regretfully did not post yesterday. i had full intent to but where i was staying monday morning (univ. of iowa visiting my friend jaclyn and seeing campus) there was weird wi-fi and my pictures werent loading either. talk about frustration. then because of that fiasco, i decided to post when i got home. well, i got home at 2:35 in time to take meghan home, and then turn right back around and go to work. i ended staying later than expected, had to come home, eat, shower...you get what im saying. it just wasnt going to happen! :(
so here is my weekend in picture form!

me maggie and jackie went to an apple orchard and picked apples and went through a corn maze!

the pretty sunset in the mirror on my and my moms way back from a college visit in chicago

me and meghans food assortment for the drive to iowa

it was a beautiful campus :)

i personally loved the downtown area to walk in!

a pretty building on campus

the river!

a cute walkway meghan wanted to sit on :)

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