Friday, October 7, 2011

busy friday

today, because f no school due to teacher meetings, i decided to yet again visit one of the colleges im looking into. i visited last year and loved it, applied, and not im going back for a more in-depth visit. just yesterday night i recieved my very fist acceptance letter! it was to one of the two schools i have applied to, the other hasnt come yet :) it was exciting but yet not real! i cannot believe this is all happening, however, its very fun and thrilling! here is my outfit for the day as well as some details of my week:

the battle of the outfits for my visit: west coast vs. east coast-both with the blue blazer

east coast (i was totally set on this one but then i found out that it is supposed to be hot so i went with...)

west coast! its breezy and chic. even though, yes, it is october, its 84 degrees here...this was definitely the winner :)

our "official" homecoming pictures!

two fun bike riders i saw on my way to make dinner for my friend, maggie :)

my "stuff-to-do" on the drive there: magazines and techno music :)

the book i just finished-it was so good! (thanks maggie!)

accepted :)

the college binder...ill be using this like no ones business this year.

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  1. a) you're a creep
    b) glad you liked the book
    c) can i have it back now?