Thursday, October 6, 2011

autumn trails.

on my way home from school yesterday i realized just how beautiful it was outside with the warm autumn air and the colorful tree lined streets. and even though i had a million and one things to do, i made it a point to go for a walk on the local trail to take pictures. i also decided that yesterday would be a wonderful day to do a legit outfit post other than the ones ive been doing lately (and i apologize-it was much easier/more convenient to do them in the summer with time and my sister readily available to snap the shots, where as with school, work, cheer, etc. im so busy to set time to do these! :(...) anyway...i digress, i was happy to be able to do one, so i put on a fun and easy fall outfit, dragged my sister away from her homework for a little bit and off to the trail we went.
old navy shirt, pacsun cargos, target boots, american eagle bracelets, forever 21 ring, my own watch, aviators, belt and necklace

the trail was much less colorful as i had imagined but we didnt go very far in. im planning on going back to do some landscapes with my dads camera (we used it here-so wonderful! just think of how much better it will be when i get my 18 megapixel camera...this is a 9.1...i cannot wait!!!).

i did easy natural make-up today 

these boots are going to be my go-to for sure this fall!

love this angle.

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