Wednesday, October 5, 2011

150 pumpkins.

just kidding. im not blogging about one hundred and fifty pumpkins. however, i am blogging about pumpkin (foods...) on my 150th i say it counts? right?
either way, heres the story: i was on annieseats and looking at the pumpkin spice syrup (for pumpkin spice lattes) and then got inspired to bake this fall! i was searching through numerous fall recipes-almost all of which were pumpkin, and most being for breakfast. that got me thinking of how fun the dinner party was and "hey, why not have a breakfast party with a pumpkin/autumn theme?" so im doing just that. i found the coolest (really) website to make an e-invite to invite my freinds via facebook (the site- pingg) and made a cute colorful fall invite. then i searched my house for fun decor and googled "fall table settings" to find inspiration. here are my ideas and plans:
my stack of recipes!

neutral table linens and bright fall towels

a rustic pumpkin centerpiece

perfect mugs for our pumpkin spice lattes

fun dishes that are both modern and simple

depending on my color palette i could do bright crimson napkins or neutral white

we have a variety of candles for use :)

my ribbon stash for the perfect accents.

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