Tuesday, October 4, 2011

new beauty.

well for anyone who knows me, they know that every time im in the mall, i must go to ulta. most trips i wander wondering if i need anything or wanting it all. however, last week i went in with products in mind and a coupon in my hand. surprised? i was! i had a coupon and was on the look out for physicians formula primer- at 40% off that was going to be a huge steal...excpet for the fact that they didnt carry primer. :( boo on them. nonetheless, i needed new mascara, gold eyeshadow, and  new lipgloss that was darker. so i when i walked out of the store i was $20 poorer but man was i going to look good for homecoming (the reason i decided to tell myself as to why ineeded to spend the money). here are the products, the results, and the reviews.

revlon lipgloss. i really liked the darker pink color and it wasnt too sticky, plus it stayed on for a long time! only had to reapply once :)

maybelline eye quad in sunlit bronze (gold works best for blue eyes like mine!)

loreal voluminous brosse courbee mascara. i really like the texture of this mascara and from what 
i have seen, it comes off better than the maybelline falsies flared. however, using flasies flared over this mascara yields the best results!

a natural eye from yesterday (after a whole day too, still looks...decent)

at homecoming, i used all three products and liked it very much, especially the gold eye colors-they are my favorite!

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