Monday, October 3, 2011

time of our lives.

senior homecoming has come...and gone. and as sad as it is knowing it is our last and after this its back to the usual school schedule, it was the BEST homecoming anyone could have asked for. i enjoyed each and every moment (even though during our cheer routine i got elbowed in the face and now have a black eye...) and im happy to know that it was exactly what i had hoped it would be. im also excited to get back into my normal blogging schedule! this is the one post to wrap up such a great and memorable week that i will surely never forget :)
me and zach (my date!) on the mass/assembly day friday

me and maureen (the to-be homecoming QUEEN!)

i tried to get a picture with the didnt exactly work out

me and emily :)

the varsity cheerleaders! in our truck for the elementary parade 

oh yeah, we're that cool 8)

everyone and their dates!

maggie laura and me- arent we pretty?

my nails-they worked out pretty well, granted my right pointer finger kept chipping so i redid it but otherwise, very cool.

hair, i did it myself. it looked awesome i must say, even though it fell down after the first song!

my flowers-so pretty!- i just love this aspect of high school dances :)

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