Friday, September 30, 2011


all throughout our high school career, our class, the class of 2012, has lost just about everything. and im serious. we we're not working together and we never had a good plan, fought over power and then just...lost. horribly. however, i swear something hit us because this week we have completely dominated! (sorry this is a cheesy post, but im freaking excited!!!) yesterday was powder puff, boys volleyball, tug of war, and the egg toss. not to mention we were announced the hallway winners! whhoooottt go seniors!! :D so, recap: although we've always been terrible at powder puff, we won :) although we werent the strongest in years past, we are now, and won tug of war. and although we have never been coordinated enough to win volleyball, we got our game up and won the tense game of the night. great job seniors, way to go :) this...THIS is the way to do homecoming week!
me mags and jackie! in our powder puff shirts (but trust me, we definitely did not play powder puff. we like being spectators)

me laura and maggie :)

we deemed it "leggings as pants" day. and wore pants!

me and aly....we skipped art :) (wellll not really, our teacher told us to go get him stamps...we just happened upon caseys and target along the way!..and then me meg and emily skipped ninth hour and lunch and went to cosi :) so yummy!)

me and my brother, emmett :) hes a freshman this year so i had to get a picture with him!

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