Thursday, September 29, 2011

hallway :)

last night was the hallway decorating at our school. since the seniors had the 50s we decided to do a 50s diner on the stage (our section). it was amazing! we had worked so hard on previous days creating things for our display. we actually made a bar, booths, and a pie/hostess stand/mic stand our of wood. life size. and awesome. im so proud of what we accomplished and im totally ready for some powder puff today! here are pics of the hallway and 50s day! (sorry, i didnt snap a picture of our powder puff shirts before i washed it :( ill get some today for tomorrows post!)
the guys :)

maggie, me, and laura!

emily and me :)

having too much fun in art class!

aly and me- arent we cute?

the seniors sign (mimicking a diner sign) that i helped make! 

fun cars in front

(sorry about the blur!) the booths on the side

the bar and wonderful sign!

all of it! (terrible picture i know, but we were leaving and i had to get it fast!) it turned out fabulous though, this shot doesnt do it justice :) 

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