Wednesday, September 28, 2011

50s day

today is 50s day. the day that goes with our "lost in time" theme-decades! each class has a decade-freshmen=80s, sophomores=20s, juniors=70s(?), seniors=50s! i didnt exactly want tot channel the whole "house wife" i decided to search for my inner "guy" and be a greaser :) here are both highlights of yesterday and today's look:
me and jackie...clashing wonderfully

meghan and maggie....looking cute?

aly! she had a presentation that morning so changed into her clashy clothes later but she looks mighty fine in these glasses :)

today: leather jacket, white tee shirt...

...jeans (cuffed, of course), white tennis shoes and sock (for sure!) = aka, the perfect (girl) greaser!

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