Tuesday, September 27, 2011

day two.

its day tow of homecoming week 2011! today is clash day- my least favorite. i honestly hate this day in any spirit week. its not me and walking around school seeing terrible matched outfits (even though i know its on purpose) is absolute horror to me. however, im going way outside of my comfort zone, going all out, and having fun on this day anyway. yesterday was super fun, i got a lot of good pictures too! here is todays outfit (i minorly altered it) as well as a short recap of yesterday! :)

me and my sister before school :)

me and mags matched...and so did our (former) spanish teacher. awkward much?

mags laura and me! :) (and aly's pillow pet!)

me and jackie- a really cute picture of us!

me and zach...with maureen creepin! :) so funny!

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