Monday, September 26, 2011

happy homecoming week!

this is it. senior homecoming! im both excited and sad as i head into the full on good stressing event filled week. so many things are planned and going on and i have about a billion other things on my mind but im totally focused on having the best week ever.
this past weekend greatly resembled a roller coaster. friday was an uneventful football game-away, so no fun after :( then saturday was full of craziness: work, working out (which didnt work out-no pun intended!-i didnt have my id with me so instead i ran the nearby trail) home to shower, then filming of our class movie-grease-for homecoming week. then home before a bonfire and then a sleepover. craziness!
anyway, here are some highlights of the weekend, as well as some details on today and the rest of the week!
i re-organized my magazine shelf! now my italian vogue is front and center and i parted the sides of magazines and put the not read on top-hopefully this works out!

i got these for homecoming. im hoping they work and im excited to try them out!

found a cuff! thank you laura :) not exactly what i was looking for but this ones free!

todays dress day = pajama day. poodle footie pjs. oh yeah :)

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