Friday, November 11, 2011

holiday baking.

i have never, ever considered myself a baker by any means. can i cook? yeah! can i bake? ...does it count when you use a box mix of brownies and forget eggs? id say no. sadly, baking has never been strong point of mine. i like cooking for the "throw-great-ingredients-together-and-eat" which is my type of thing. im not a recipe girl.
this holiday season though, im going to try to focus on broadening my horizons (cheesy, right?) and bake more.
here are a few recipes that look good enough to try!

an apple cranberry galette {recipe from annie's eats}
Picture of Meyer Lemon-Cranberry Bundt Cake Recipe
lemon-cranberry bundt cake {recipe from food network}

pumpkin snicker doodles {recipe from annie's eats}
Picture of Mini Banana Beignets Recipe
this is something different but worth a try- mini banana beignets {recipe from food network}

enjoy! :)

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