Monday, November 14, 2011

fun weekends.

this weekend was truly one of the best weekends i have had since school started. i was able to set aside the stress of college and school and enjoy myself through numerous activities. although that stress is coming back and will remain through a long week, im excited for this next weekend- maggies birthday dinner, chicago trip with my family, and babysitting to earn more money for my camera! busy, busy, busy!

raking leaves with my daddy and sister friday after school.

after raking, me and hannah had hot drinks (hot cocoa for her, tea for me) and shared a cookie :)

me and hannah also made dinner that night- full post friday!

i made the pumpkin snickerdoodles- more on friday :)

shopping at target- got the leather gloves ive been wanting and a new scarf-im wearing it in my hair today!

i got pretty silver ornaments for my tree-this year i want it to be all white and silver!

a new cardigan i got friday from shopping (aeropostale-only $13!)

new make-up (baby lips-so good!, my favorite mascara, and new powder)

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