Tuesday, November 15, 2011

eyes and ears {4}

as if my life cannot get any more stressful...it has. this week (along with the past few months) have been busy, busy, busy. with school work, work, cheer leading, college things (which includes MANY things), now a talk im giving in february that i need done in a month..., the upcoming holiday season..i cant take it much more! here are a few thing that keep me sane, as well as provide some "me time" and relaxing. :)


im really liking black and white photography. i mean, i halways have, but now more than ever considering our art 4 photography unit. its amazing, seriously.

Fucking Nightmare
i like this.
maybe it was a dream
i wish i could just sit like this and do nothing...
I'm lost in a forest *
i always wanted to be a dancer
I'm lost in a forest *
books. <3


pandora. end of story.

my favorite stations:
the shins (mellow and slow)
ryan adams (rough and easy going)
ellie goulding (pretty and pop-ish)
skrillex (electric and mood boosting or good angry music too)

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