Wednesday, November 16, 2011

room re-do.

as much as i would love to snap my fingers *snap!* and have a completely different designed room (new color, new furniture, new layout, etc.) that doesn't exactly work. at least not in this day and age. maybe one day...
anyway, on sunday i was adding some items to my closet and realized my closet, along with my desk, and the layout of my room, was in big need of change. im going to try to "re-do" it asap... which means it most likely wont happen until next week :( 

here is the current state of my room:
my closet...a bit hectic.
my room set up...not good.

this...needs to move. away from the cold window and off of the heat vent (currently underneath my bed..bad idea.)

this...needs to 

and this. lets just re-do this too.

and the inspiration that i need to get to making change!
this is pretty- very clean and simple. everything has a place and purpose.
three words. beautiful. clean. simple. 
this is a nice set up. a bit cluttered on top but that's just me. it still looks un-fussy while it has a place for everything.
well, lets just start with "i wish my closet was this wonderful". now that we have that straight. i love the organization. i need to work on that. maybe ill go buy some containers and things....yep. im gonna do that. 
i would love to do a saying like this somewhere. its simple and easy but makes a big difference. maybe in my dorm room nest year too!
i love this. its pretty and fun. id love to do this in my room but i dont have the space exactly...maybe i will make space!

good luck to me on this project...

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