Thursday, November 17, 2011

hair scarves.

since i bought the scarf on sunday (post on monday) ive been obsessed. i searched my mother's closet in hopes of finding more, of the vintage 1980s-90s. i was extremely lucky and found 5. now i have 6! i wore the new one from target on monday in a bow shape. for some it was a bit crazy and i understand some people would never wear something like that- too bold for them. i dont care- im into being bold lately, why not? so, i will be. who cares what they think. i dont, im livin life!

heres a video that inspired it all :)

weird flash picture, but also kinda cool. this is the scarf i bought a target, tied in a bow.

my second favorite-from mom. (please ignore the tee shirt and overall appearance...) also in a bow :)

a simple blue scarf. i twisted the sides and then twisted it on top. 

a purple one. again, twisted and twisted.

a flowery one. a simple twist on top.

this is kinda "teen vogue" esque. big and bold-not something i would wear unless i was in nyc or la.

the collection im making

im not lying when i say i have a wall of scarves...

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  1. Hi there,

    pretty cool I must say, I haven't put eyes to that fashion in some time...

    Very 50's it seems to me...