Friday, November 18, 2011

fish + chips.

well not really chips...but fish is good enough by itself!
last friday, me and my sister, hannah, made dinner for the family consisting of talapia on top of asparagus. it was delicious. let me tell you, we made some fineee fish.
instead of telling you about it up here, i took pictures of the steps! --> how thoughtful :)
{step one} place asparagus, cut in thirds (ends off too!) on a square sheet of aluminum foil.

{step two} place piece of talapia on top.

{step three} drizzle with evoo. (for you un-culinary masters, evoo=extra virgin olive oil- aka, the good kind)

{step four} add spices. i sued white pepper, rosemary (my favorite spice!), coriander, and thyme.

{step five} add breadcrumbs (if desirable) and garlic.

{step six} top with chopped green onions and tomatoes(if desirable, for me- no green onions, ew!).

{step seven} add another sheet of foil on top and pinch the sides together and up.

we decided to make each fish different. we made ours how we wanted and then experimented for everyone else! (side note: experiment doesn't mean they were bad...they were all good!)

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