Monday, November 21, 2011

windy city.

saturday, me and my family did our annual shopping trip in chicago. the weather was gorgeous-not too cold- and i was able to stock up my winter wardrobe! i was especially delighted (read: completely dumbfounded out of my mind) to go to topshop- the second store opened in the states! although i dont have the finances to purchase everything i want...or much at all, i did walk away with an adorable pair of tights that i can wear to school and with other outfits, as well as a pretty bracelet. im excited for thanksgiving week to start! two (and a half) days of school, yummy baking and cooking, and...dont forget- shopping :)
(also: my friend maggie's birthday dinner was friday! her actual birthday is this wednesday so we celebrated with yummy italian food and a chick flick classic: mean girls!)

me and emily :)

the happy (and cozy!) birthday girl

completely wonderful :)

key lime pie from the cheesecake factory-yum!

my shopping bag- a legit tote-score!

cool huh? ...its all lego. craziness!

forever21 shirt/sweater and khaki skirt

h&m navy sweater and skirt (both for school!)

h&m sweater dress- its so soft!!

topshop bracelet 

topshop tights, forever21 belts

forever21 earrings (the perfect balance: lightweight and cute, but not over-the-top)

h&m top ( makes me feel like alexa chung!)

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  1. of course you post the nastiest picture of me everrr.