Tuesday, November 22, 2011

eyes and ears {5}

i was hoping this week would turn out to be both productive and fun...so far neither has happened. all it has been is blah, and its only tuesday. i definitely need these things to keep me positive and motivated for a fun filled week of: hardly any school (only today and half day tomorrow!), thanksgiving festivities, black friday shopping at the crack of night/dawn, and a nice long weekend...of cheering for basketball :/ im hoping this can burst my mood- and fast!


JEFFREE STAR - official, bitchcamera004-1.jpg picture by moderngirl33_music - PhotobucketFotos do Muralthanks for the memories.Behind the ButterflyIvanaa (Stay true to yourself. )


listening to a lot of techno. it gets rid of my bad mood and pumps me up for hard work. also loving the pandora stations from last week especially the shins- i also added a death cab for cutie station-thats good too! however, itd be nice if pandora would not skip...

in for the kill (skrillex remix) by la roux
scary monsters and nice sprites by skrillex
around the world by daft punk
hey sexy lady (skrillex remix) by isquare

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