Thursday, November 24, 2011

little blessings.

happy thanksgiving, everyone! eat your turkey and stuffing and enjoy it! or if you're the casserole without meat! whoo!
thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. it just seems "warm" to me. is that weird? maybe, but thanksgiving is a holiday all about family, friends, being grateful for all you have, and celebrating it with food and good company. its a special holiday where other things can be put on hold, so that you and your family can just enjoy the day.
we all know the basic "im thankful for..." (ya know: family, friends, homes, food, etc.) but we often forget the other things that are small, but nonetheless, blessings in our lives. things that we all take for granted everyday, that others would love to have. here is my list of 24 (because today is the 24th) little "blessings" im my life that i am VERY thankful for :)

1. warmth. i hate winter...
2. animals. especially my warm and cuddly little (but really, they're fat...) kitties :)
3. electricity. some people dont have it. we dont live 10 mins. without it, it seems.
4. music. probably one of my most thankful things!
5. glasses/contacts. imagine not having them...not good images.
6. flowers. i love nature, flowers especially :)
7. toilet paper. i know this is a weird one, but some people dont have it. and im glad i do.
8. books. i dont have much time to read now a days, but its nice to have.
9. make-up. a little shallow, maybe. but lets be honest, its something i love :)
10. sunnies. the sun's pretty bright. glad to have protection from it!
11. language. ever thought of what itd be like to not easily communicate?
12. microsoft word. where would i be if i had to write out every paper/project?
13. shoes. a typical "me" blessing. but im not just talkin heels. any shoe-without them...ow, no thank you.
14. bottles and cups. im glad i dont have to use my hands to drink water.
15. pens and pencils. im very grateful i have things to write with, its be hard trying to write with berry juice or something.
16. pillows. gosh, i love my pillows. enough said.
17. soap. i dont like it when things get dirty!
18. the internet. a big one, but again, very glad to have.
19. the bible. theres a lot of good stuff in there. im glad i have my faith to hold me up in rough times.
20. math. dorky, i know. but math is very important and i like it :)
21. cameras. i love taking pictures and capturing moments and memories
22. smiles. this is what keeps people goin on hard days.
23. hugs. from anyone, they mean a lot and can add a burst of positive energy into you.
24. all those who serve this country, and the world. we had a presentation for the senior class charity yesterday and we are doing the wounded warriors project that helps veterans. ive always been thankful for my freedom and those who protect it, and i always pray for them, but now more than ever, i want to thank god for them. they are the strong ones who fight for us all. thank you :)

....and there are plently more little blessings everywhere. go find them and be happy for them...

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