Monday, December 12, 2011


while my saturday was taken up by social obligations (seeing the twilight movie-yes, i saw it- and cheering at a basketball game) yesterday i took on my alter ego as "superwoman" and completed a bunch of random but necessary tasks.
between 7:30 and 5:30 i had: eaten breakfast, gone to church, written two papers, done a study guide, edited a video project, eaten lunch, done three loads of laundry, put away all my clothes, made my bed, vacuumed my room, cleaned my bathroom, done a load of dishes, made two batches of brownies, watched home alone 2 with hannah, and done three craft projects. a little insane, right?
my old jewelry box i decorated for my sister :)

an apron that was waiting to be decorated has now been painted with flowers...i cant decide if i want to add more

i love grey and yellow together :)

the fun project i have been wanting to try from thanksgiving

i made a mini one and a larger one for my room. they look so classy in white with black ribbon. (for my masquerade birthday-if it is able to happen- these will be the decorations!)

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