Wednesday, December 21, 2011

finally done!

im finally finished! ...with two things! over the weekend i was able to finally put up my wall quote and it looks fabulous- im very pleased with the result! (its definitely happening in my dorm room next year, i have many ideas...already!) and then of course, its BREAK! no more finals, no more homework, no more papers, no more teachers, no more 5:50 a.m., just relaxing, and oh...wait...nope, im wrong. i still have homework, college stuff, and lots to do. well, at least some days i can sleep in :)
(p.s.- yesterday i also set up my google reader- great decision! it organizes all of the blogs you follow and lets you know when they have new posts. plus, you can favorite posts and come back to them! genius!)
my lovely dad helping me by aligning the tape

putting up the letters...

takin off the it comes!...

looks great with the puff balls

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