Monday, December 26, 2011

merry merry.

my christmas was WONDERFUL! my family and i had a great morning of relaxing, opening presents and listening to christmas music. my grandpa came over later and we gave him some presents as well which was nice. around 5 we traveled (only about an hour) to see me dads side of the family and do christmas with them. it was a lot of fun and im so blessed to have such a great family :)
oh, and i got some lovely gifts :) (hint: new. camera.)

the very first picture i took (a terrible picture but its memorable!)

a sweater from my momma :) (wearing it this thursday...for my eighteenth BIRTHDAY!)

chirstmas nails! (forever21 red polish, sephora by opi only gold for me)

oh hey! look at that awesome present! (i also got an ihome, that sweater, a scarf, bath and body stuff, a camera case-thanks em and hannie, and a shirt and headband from my cousin) 

beautiful picture of my gorgeous mother :)

awesome picture of my sister and her new guitar! shes the music prodigy of our family :)

thats me...looking weird. but hey-theres my outfit! (softest sweater dress ever, h&m)

my adorable cousin, emerson :)

my aunts huge christmas tree...its very very large!

yay! bokeh photots!!!! :)

a beautiful key necklace my aunt got me for my birthday :)

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