Tuesday, December 27, 2011

eyes and ears {10}

yesterday, like most dec. 26ths, was a lazy day at my house. i stayed in bed for a while and then just did nothing all day. it was a great way to relax and just enjoy some time with my family.


well of course im looking at things to photograph! i also just got pinterest so ive been on that a lot looking at things (such as planning my future wedding...in about 10 years!).

Pinned Image
im thinking about doing this for january. itd be hard, but fun and good for my new photography blog {black&white} just for pictures from my new camera.

i absolutely love this. im hoping to set out on some "journeys" to take some awesome shots.

im also wanting to do a lot of portrait photography. all of my friends (and my sister) will be my first models-look out!! :)


with my itunes money i bought the florence + the machine cd and the naked and famous cd. both are fantastic!

punching in a dream- the naked and famous

girls like you- the naked and famous

no light, no light- florence + the machine

only if for a night- florence + the machine

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