Wednesday, December 28, 2011

birthday thinking.

yes, its true, my birthday is tomorrow!!!! im quite excited as i am thrilled for my low key party on saturday. im having some friends over for desserts and then we'll play some games and perhaps just dance on the wii. i wanted to have a really cool party that was big to go with a big birthday-18!- but it turned out not working so this was the next best thing. a repeat (kinda) of last years party, but whatever, it worked plus its yummy!

in an attempt to make things easy on both me and my mom, we're buying desserts instead of making them! mini cheesecakes are a must :)
the fresh market has the best strawberry bar cake-my favorite :) (ill also be having a strawberry frosted cake for my family on my birthday!)
the fresh market also has the cutest-and yummiest- petite fours! 
me and alice will be making some of these as well to decorate :)

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