Thursday, December 29, 2011


today is a very important day in my life. i turn eighteen!
its exciting and scary as i keep getting older. however, today i want to talk about resolutions. most years, i dont even write anything down and just say "oh, be healthier, try new things..." blah blah blah. no, this year im actually going to have a list and everything. watch out.

1. i really want to do this photography challenge i posted yesterday. im not guaranteeing it will happen, but its a resolution to at least try :)
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2. i want to actually work out and get in shape. i stretch and such during cheer but i would like to focus on abs...mine have slowly drifted away. not okay. also want to improve my upper body strength. my brother got this for christmas so hopefully ill stick to using it (along with crunches, weights, and some lunges).

3. considering i now have my new camera im hoping to improve my blog a ton. i want to almost re-do its look (not completely!) so that its easier to navigate, has cooler features, and is overall better. with my new camera im hoping to do a lot more posts of photos i took about many different things. plus, id love to get a new "schedule" for my posts. -more info later :)

4. of course being healthy will be on here...i need to focus more on getting enough fruits and veggies!

5. do something interesting each day. maybe its taking a weird route home, maybe its saying something silly or trying a new food. too many of my days are wasted because of lack of motivation, laziness, or stress. i need to focus more on having fun and enjoying every day-its not guaranteed.

6. have a good rest of senior year. a good graduation. a great summer. and a good first semester of college....AH!

happy birthday to me! :)
*tomorrow ill share my outfit from today, my outfit for that night, party plans, and a birthday recap*

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