Wednesday, December 14, 2011

organization queen.

many times people have commented on my ocd and particular liking of organizing and cleaning. i may be weird, but i do love them both.
this past weekend i was at my friend, meghan's, house and her room appalled me. (yes, THAT bad.) so yesterday (and continuing today) i cleaned/will be cleaning her room. entirely. we have so far accomplished the basics but theres a lot more to go. here are some ideas for organizing that i love as well as some affordable options for easy room transformations.
Room Essentials Down Comforters
target bedspread. its down, light and fluffy but can also be warm. a variety or colors and good price!

fun knobs to display necklaces (picture from cupcakesandcashmere).

Command® Micro Hooks
command hooks- perfect for an easier way to hang necklaces in a hurry. (such as this case with meghan's room)
ClosetMaid 2-pk. Fabric Drawers Natural
bins in various sizes are good for closet spaces.

p.s. happy 200th post to me! :)

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