Thursday, December 15, 2011

office attire.

tuesday was my favorite outfit this week. yes, i am one of those dorks who plans her outfits in advance for the week and coordinates things...but hey, it saves me time in the morning and then i am saved from re-wearing things during the week- i dont like that. anyway, i really enjoyed this outfit, for some strange reason i love office wear. the structure bad minimalism are so lovely. plus, my hair was looking fabulous, if i do say so myself :)
hair up and chandelier earrings.

crisp white button-down (aeropostale), navy cardigan (h&m), bow ring (forever21). 

add a brown pencil skirt (old navy) and cheetah rain boots (tj maxx).

hair pinned (with many pins) up! it was a fancy twist to my usual hair routine

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