Friday, December 2, 2011


this week marks cold #1 of the winter season. lets be honest here, i get sick very easily. not crazy illnesses, but i get colds...a lot. im guessing an estimated 5 this winter? here's number one, its been brutal.
it started monday...i could feel the sore throat coming. my colds always go the same way: starts with a sore throat, cough, and scratchiness then transitions into a hugely stuffy nose for about 3 days. overall time= ~5-7 days. so on tuesday, it was here; my throat hurt immensely and i couldnt talk. then yesterday began the sniffles. yucky. headaches, dizziness, light headedness, watery eyes, not breathing, the "my-head-feels-as-big-as-texas", the whole deal. and guess what? our school's black light dance is saturday.
so, um, body? lets get better :)

um, can i have some...please?

a gift from heaven...(too bad i only have lotion!)

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