Monday, December 19, 2011

signs you know its finals.

today marks the first day of first semester finals. over the weekend, unlike most, i studied very little. about an hour to be exact. (hint: my finals are not going to be difficult-theology: a breeze because of a new teacher, pre-cal: a breeze because i love math, art 4: just critiques, art 3: easy, no 5th hour-score!, ap lit: 2 essays and a multiple choice o na passage- aka no studying.) i mean, cmon, the only thing to study for is theology and lets be honest, there is no way he can make that difficult on us. :)
sign no. 1) everyone on facebook is posting a status about not studying for finals.
sign no. 2) even though christmas is only 5ish days away, no one cares because its all about finals.
sign no. 3) everyone is going crazy because: a. they're stressing about finals; b. they are in the vicinity of someone stressing about finals; or c. they are stressing about christmas (which happens to be finals time!)

funny...well, instead of stressing or going crazy im excited to do some last minute things for christmas! and they are...
making christmas cookies with my family
going to my friend's ugly christmas sweater party
having out secret santa gift exchange
christmas eve dinner (its fancy at our house!) with the advent wreath :)

**p.s. my camera will be coming...less than a week now!! countdown: 5 days**

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