Monday, January 9, 2012

photo challenge.

i forgot that friday was going to be my photo challenge post day so we'll be doing that today instead!...and then again on the right day this friday! (ill be honest, some days i forget to do the challenge so i do two in one day...again, oops.) but its still been fun and im excited to complete it!

day no. 1: a portrait

day no. 2: what i wore (target jeans, american eagle top, maurice's cardigan, target necklace)

day no. 3: clouds

day no. 4: something green

day no. 5: something from a high angle (my room/bed/floor)

day no. 6: something from a low angle (my room/wall/desk chair)

day no. 7: fruit

day no. 8: a bad habit (licking my lips because they're dry)

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