Tuesday, January 10, 2012

eyes and ears {12}

now this (sadly) doesnt happen very often. but yesterday i had a wonderful day. it started and ended perfectly and lots of happiness in between. heres some highlights of my day, things that made me happy and a list of happiness!
1. the moon.
2. music.
3. art shows im in.
4. i love math.
5. hershey's carmel kisses.
6. sore muscles after stretching.
7. the moon.


this is what i got to drive to school next to :)

that is what i got to see at the end of my day :)

in order to maintain positivity in my life im going to start a "happy jar" where ill write down one good thing from each day and then i can read through them when i need a pick-me-up!


rode to school listening to this on the college radio station in town (they play good stuff!):
young blood- the naked and famous

love this song, its very true.
so small- carrie underwood

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