Monday, February 6, 2012


my trip with friends to the windy city on friday was amazing! we had a ton of fun and enjoyed out time together in celebration of alice's birthday :) as an added plus, i got started on shopping for my trips this summer!

on the train :)

we-being alice and i, the others strayed off, not fans of modern art :)-were about to pee out pants when seeing this painting (sunday afternoon on the island of le grande jatte) among others (american gothic, nighthawks, paintings by dali, the blue guitarist, sky above clouds iv, etc)

beautiful view through the art institute window

my favorite of the day- its black and white with clean lines, of course i love it!

i had been wanting to get a photo like this for forever, finally got it :)

(alice, mehgna, maureen, me, emily, katherine)

we had fun at union station

perfect top for my trips-cute, colorful, light. (forever21)

i wanted a hat and now i got one! only $10! (forever21)

cute earrings (topshop)

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