Tuesday, February 7, 2012

eyes and ears {15}

my weekend was crazy! we had a ton of  fun in chicago friday, as you saw yesterday. sunday was also a blast. i went to my friend katherine's for a super bowl/birthday party. i actually wanted the entire game...start to finish, all commercials, the whole half time show. i saw it all. sadly, my patriots were defeated (but boy would it have been awesome if they made that catch in the last few seconds!!!). football aside, these pics have been occupying my memory (thank you once again, pinterest, you never fail) and i love this song; heard it multiple times, finally found out what its called.
enjoy :)


love it.

Far better things ahead.

Oh this is so true!!

love thisss
totally doing this soon

Mason jars gotta love em ;)

totally doing something like this for my dorm room next year

two words: beautiful (and) freckles.


love it. its beautiful: the voice, the music, the speed...

we are young-fun.

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