Wednesday, February 1, 2012


over the weekend i went a slight bit crazy and cooked a lot. i made dinner saturday night (stir fry with rice, noodles and veggies) for my brother and sister-mom and dad were gone; and then sunday i made pizza. when i was in dc for the pro-life trip, i had an amazing pizza so i recreated. delicious. i also made strawberries filled with a ricotta dip topped with graham crackers and mini chocolate chips.

cut the tops off the strawberries

put a graham cracker in a baggie and pound it (very fun)

core the strawberries

fill with ricotta dip (my mom made it)

set in a mini muffin pan to stand up-right sprinkle with crumbs...

...and chocolate chips

pizza dough (frozen from meijer)

roll it out onto stones

rough cut arugula 

halved grape tomatoes

i made a pepperoni pizza for my family as well

brush with olive oil and italian seasoning

i tried two ways: baking with the stuff on first; and then baking just the crust and adding the other stuff after

the baked-it had more of a "sun-dried" taste

beautiful if i do say so myself

the "added after" pizza-i think i liked this one better, the arugula was more flavorful and the tomatoes fresh

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