Thursday, February 2, 2012


hehe-made my won phrase: springspiration...spring + inspiration =...okay, you probably got it by now.
anyway, im going to chicago friday (seems like i go there all the time now...well i will be living there/near there next year for college!) for my best friend alice's birthday! we're taking the train, going to the art museum, doing lunch nearby, shopping (duh), and dinner before heading back. its going to be fabulous!
as im constantly planning for my summer trips to cali and nyc, im looking towards buying plenty of new clothes. since ill be in a huge h&m, gigantic forever21 and the fabulous topshop (among other stores) why not shop early?

 love white dresses
love white dresses
this is so me its weird. love crisp details, classic pieces and a simple color pallet. 

i wish i had freckles...
ever since i found this picture i cant forget it. this girl is absolutely gorgeous. i wish i had freckles so badly. 

makes me think of jane by design!
(h&m blouse) anyone watch jane by design? im kind of hooked. very much my kind of show. she wore a blouse similar in one of the early episodes-love it!

red lipstick and sunglasses=classic.
once i find the right red lipstick shade, this will be my go-to look for the summer: shades and red lips

jcrew!j crew- this is totally me!
who doesnt love jcrew? its totally my kind of store.

all images via pinterest.

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