Thursday, March 22, 2012


1. hunger games comes out TONIGHT...and yes, i am obsessed and no, i do not like gale, and yes, i am possibly dressing up because this is my "harry potter." now calm down.

2. im getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow...aka, i will be starving and wanting real foods not ice cream. but hey, ill take ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. also, since i will be higher than kites due to the pain medication, i will not be posting friday, monday or tuesday. im sorry :( ill see you wednesday however! with a spring break post-starts today at 11:30!

heres my nails...

red coat...kinda messy

add gold (messy) moons...for the hunger games i did red and gold! hopefully my second coat of gold helped. i used a normal (tiny) paint brush to do the moons, as a "trial" for possible prom nails. after this, im thinking im going to find something else to do instead...

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