Tuesday, March 27, 2012

out and about.

(note: please ignore my puffy cheeks, they are still very swollen from my surgery)
im alive! seriously though, getting wisdom teeth taken out is horrible. granted, its not too bad, but its frustrating. i still cant touch my face without it hurting, i miss eating solid foods (aka: not just ice cream and oatmeal) and it feels weird to talk...
anyway, i was able to actually wear real clothes and leave my lovely couch for a bit yesterday. even though it was gross out, i enjoyed my somewhat "normal" day.
(oh, and dont be jealous, but my nap in the sunshine sunday on my hammock was beyond delightful!)

(aero jeans and jacket, american eagle top, forever21 cardigan and belt, dolce vita shoes, earrings from icing, other jewelry my own)

aren't the earrings cool? far away just big pearls, up close, intricate pearls!

stay tuned for photography friday featuring meghan's and laura's senior pictures! (also will/can be found on my photography blog)

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