Wednesday, March 28, 2012

spring cleaning.

to say i went a little crazy on the cleaning front yesterday is a large understatement. i vacuumed, dusted, got rid of, organized, and (semi) re-did my room as well as cleaning the inside and outside of my car. yay spring cleaning!!
i re-arranged my artwork. these two used to both be above my bed, now one is over my dresser (which got re-arranged too!).

i took away all of the frames for a more streamlined effect. 

added the fun eiffel tower 

although there are still a ton of magazines on my shelf, i got rid of plenty. 

yes, there is still clutter and yes, my stuff is out, but overall im very pleased with the overall "clean" feeling.

i also took down my closet doors and hung a curtain instead. the result makes my wardrobe easier to access and my room appears larger!

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