Sunday, April 29, 2012

eyes and ears {25}: graduation

its weird to think that i only have 7 days of high school left...ever. im so close to being done, yet im wondering where the past 4 years went? ive been getting ready for me, laura, and maggie's joint graduation party for a while but now its crunch time and we are actually getting it together. i put together and finalized our graduation cd to go along with our picture slideshow-its awesome! the songs are fabulous and totally tell our story from when we were little till now. here are a few of the songs on the playlist as well as some decorating inspiration and ideas from pinterest.

cute decor
i know how to make these pom-poms, we will be putting them up in the porch and over the cake table

love the colors
cant forget our party colors. we didnt want to do our school colors (navy and yellow), but this incorporates them with the pink!

Photos on streamers
to block off a hallway we are putting up streamers with pictures!


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