Tuesday, May 8, 2012


in the words of my friend, maggie, concerning how much we care about school this week, "the limit does not exist." and truly, it doesnt. its way past being negative. i am just so done with school and all things related to productivity that it doesnt matter.
a few reasons:
1. i dont have to take finals. therefore, final reviews (for people who do have to take finals) this week are pointless for me. in conclusion, im sitting in each 45 minute class staring at walls.
2. theres 2 days. today. and (shortened classes) friday. thursday is ap tests. why. just tell me why i have to even be there....

okay, enough ranting! here are some fun things i want!

constelation neckalce- i. want. one. now.
this, my friends, is a necklace with a constellation on it. i want on...really really badly.
these equal cuteness. i like the color combo...dorm room perhaps?
this is adele in vogue (march). im gonna draw it.
im gonna make these cards for people for graduation. how cute. 
i want to do this...but with silver sparkles and purple base. maybe ill do it in art...hmm

okay, so now that this was a weird mood post, sorry! i have a good post ready for friday so that makes up for this...

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