Friday, June 29, 2012

wheat berries.

while in disneyland, me momma, daddy and i had this wheat berry salad with fresh veggies and we fell in love! i decided to make my own for my friends alice and emily when i got back. not only is it healthy and delicious, its fairly easy to make (as log as the wheat berries are cooked ahead of time)!

cut up a cucumber (and again into 1/4s)

add to wheat berries and sweat peas

add in other veggies or whatever- i did chickpeas (i wish i had had tomatoes!) and dont forget a vinaigrette- i did evoo, red wine vinegar, and some peach balsamic. add some oregano, salt and pepper and its perfect!

i also has a balsamic mustard dip with pretzels, and toasted bread with olive oil and blackberry balsamic.


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