Monday, July 2, 2012

home again, home again.

i cannot even express in words how excited i am to stop living out of my suitcase for the rest of the summer. as much fun as california and new york city/ long beach island, new jersey have bed, my shower, and my closet are so much more comforting. im going to be posting pictures from the trip over the next two to three days to recap the adventures!

today: maggie's camera/day one. (my camera's battery died right before we left for the city on day one, so i dont have any of m own photos from the day-dont worry, i charged it that night!)

day one: nyc.

at the wax museum with picasso!

...and iron man <3

guess whos the new beatle? me!

me and my husband- jt. (im in love with him!)

after some shopping- moma time! (as much as maggie and laura hated it, art is my thing; that can i say!?!)

the days outfit (target tank, old navy jacket, scarf from a vendor in china town, old navy, toms shoes)

laying on the floor in grand central station, like in the movie, arthur. it was so fun! (i also just like this picture because it makes me look super tall!!)

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