Tuesday, July 3, 2012


the museum of modern art was by far my favorite activity in nyc. although i was hugely disappointed in their photography gallery, the painting galleries exceeded my expectations! seeing huge picasso, chagall, kandinsky, and other pieces was phenomenal. here are my favorite works:
*note: only a few of the artists i know of, the rest are unknown to me- oops :(

a cool "graphic design" piece 

the black and white and the crisp lines...its gorgeous

possibly my favorite piece


the colors in this piece are inspiring

dali-the persistence of memory. a lot smaller than i expected!

a piece i loved!!

another good color pallet.

as much as i hate van gogh, seeing starry night was very cool

absolutely love this

simple beauty. 


  1. aaaaaaaw. still on my list of places i really must go to within the next 5 years...