Thursday, July 26, 2012

dorm decor.

of course, since i first realized that i would someday live in a dorm (that day some sometime in junior high i think) i started planning my decor (much like planning my wedding since i was 5). i then assumed it would be covered in blue or red. since, my taste has deeply refined and ive come to terms with my obsessions with light blue and bright red (note: read "terms" as "hatred"). my "color scheme" is black, grey, white and pale pink, with pops of other fun colors. 

here is the artwork i have as of now (who knows, it will probably grow in the next few weeks!):

[acrylic on canvas with glitter]

[acrylic on canvas] (a good motto to live by)

[acrylic on canvas]

[printed pictures from pinterest in frames]

[printed picture from pinterest in a frame]

[printed pictures from pinterest in frames]

[my photo of my sister in a frame]

[acrylic on canvas] (the two/many places i went this summer-east and west coast)

[crayons and acrylic on canvas] (made for me by my friend, jaclyn!)

[film photo of my best friend, alice, in a frame]

[postcards from the moma in frames]

[ticket stubs and a map from the moma-all in nyc-in a frame]

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