Wednesday, August 8, 2012

good as new.

everyone knows i love shopping. there has never been a time (that i can remember...) where i went shopping or ran errands without buying something. whether a great sale, a new thought out project idea, or even just because i have some extra cash, i always treat myself to something i like when shopping.
this past sunday my 3 best friends and i, went to ikea-for college essentials-and the mall close by to shop for back to school outfits. while i didnt purchase the majority of the items i was looking for, i did come back successul with the things i did find. i cannot wait for fall (and college) to wear (and use!) my most recent finds!

a cutely designed pillow from ikea (it was only $3.00!)

delicate rings and an at home (but professional looking) mani. 

my new obsession-black, white & gold-in a bangle (and its small so it wont fall off my tiny wrists!) 

chic boots from target, cant wait for fall to wear them! 

the 2 items i have been pining over, blazers in black and white. (black from h&m, white from forever21, both $25)

my cute little desk friend- a sheep (that i named ellery) from ireland-thanks maggie!

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